From developer. I know it's not working. Please read it.

About: Facebook HD Video Downloader (Not working!)
I know it's not working right now but I hope you understand that all pass two years that I maintenance this script. I use html exploit that facebook leave for along time until last month they close it. More user use this script. More ppl from facebook know about it too so please think like miracle that we can use this two years.

I know someone need me to fix it but I don't have time and usable solution right now. For another reason that I don't have feeling to fix to because I receive some mail that my script is cause to steal another video to post on their wall. I don't like it at all if someone use my script to make money in wrong way.

I hope you understand and remove this script out.


  • Well you making a script that allows someone to download a video is great, them using it for bad is not your fault. Your script comes in handy for good uses like most recent my son wanted to download videos of my grandson (his son) that I had uploaded... saves a lot of time... I understand the time part but let let people who do bad things with good things that are made pull you down.
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