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Vaihda Twitter-kuvake omalla kuvalla ja näytä oma tyyli.

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Twitter X Title, Twitter X Icon, Twitter X Icon - Twitter Bird


  1. Notification Red Dot Supported
  2. SVG, png, ico, ... supported


  1. Open Twitter
  2. Drag and Drop the icon to the top left icon
  3. Done

Preset Script(s)

Twitter X Icon - Twitter Brid


Other Icons


Drag & Drop



Twitter X Icon Userscript

The "Twitter X Icon" userscript is a powerful tool that allows you to customize the Twitter icon with ease. Developed by CY Fung, this userscript enhances your Twitter experience by replacing the standard Twitter icon with a personalized one. With a focus on simplicity and versatility, this userscript enables you to choose any image you prefer for the Twitter icon, giving your profile a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Key Features:

  • Icon Replacement: The userscript lets you change the default Twitter icon to an image of your choice, enabling you to express your personality and style through your profile.
  • Drag and Drop: You can easily upload and set a new icon by dragging and dropping an image file onto your profile's Twitter icon area.
  • Customizable Appearance: The script offers the flexibility to choose from a variety of images and styles for your Twitter icon, ensuring your profile stands out.
  • Real-time Preview: As you update your Twitter icon, the userscript provides a real-time preview of how the new icon will look on your profile.
  • Automated Updates: The script constantly monitors changes to ensure your chosen icon is displayed correctly even when Twitter updates its platform.
  • Compatibility: The userscript works seamlessly with the latest version of Twitter, ensuring a smooth and reliable performance.


  1. Visit the Twitter website.
  2. Locate the Twitter icon area on your profile.
  3. Drag and drop an image file onto the Twitter icon area to set your new icon.

Note: The userscript utilizes advanced techniques to modify the Twitter icon. Use it responsibly and ensure you have the necessary permissions to use any images you upload.

License: The "Twitter X Icon" userscript is licensed under the MIT License, which permits modification, distribution, and private or commercial use. See the full license terms in the script header for more information.

Elevate your Twitter profile with a custom icon that represents you. Try out the "Twitter X Icon" userscript today and add a personal touch to your social media presence.

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