Greasy Fork is available in English.

Enhanced Invidious Player

Adds hotkeys and more to invidious player.

Enhanced Invidious Player


Adds hotkeys and more to invidious player.

Note: works better with Greasemonkey or Violetmonkey


F - fullscreen (Press Esc to un-fullscreen)

R - enable/disable loop

T - enable/disable theater mode

Numpad0 / Numpad1 - playback speed 1

Numpad2 - playback speed 2

Numpad3 - playback speed 4

Numpad4 - playback speed 8

C - copy title of video

Ctrl + C - copy source of video

Scroll Up - increase volume

Scroll Down - decrease volume

Those functions work only if video.js not loaded.

M - mute/unmute

Ctrl + Right Arrow - Super Skip in right

Ctrl + Left Arrow - Super Skip in left

How to Install Script?