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About: YouTube RatingBars (Like/Dislike Rating)

Browser: Opera GX v62.0.3331.132
Script Manager: Tampermonkey BETA v4.9.5960
OS: Windows 10 v1903 (18362.30)

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  • Thank you for reporting.

    I tested on this environment and works well on top page of YouTube.
    Opera GX (core: 62.0.3331.132)
    Tampermonkey v4.8.5890 (and also BETA v4.9.5960 for Chrome)
    Windows 10 1903 (18362.295)

    I purely installed Opera GX and Tampermonkey for this test.
    Please try to kill all of other addons.

  • I found minor update of YouTube preventing the script from adding rating bars.
    This update might have been adopted gradually for users, I think.

    Anyway, I updated the script and hope it works on your Opera.

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