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About: YouTube RatingBars (Like/Dislike Rating)

Doesn't work for me. I can't find any rating bar scripts that work. I was using Youtube Video Ratings Bar with Power Meter for a long time then that stopped working a few days ago.

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  • Hmm... it's mysterious.

    I tested the script on enviroments listed below, all works fine.
    Chrome 72 with Tampermonkey 4.7 on Windows 10
    Firefox 65 with Tampermonkey 4.8 on Windows 10
    Firefox 56 with Greasemonkey 3.17 on Mac El Capitan

    Maybe it occurs on your particular condition, such as activating new version / functions of YouTube, or... I dont' know. :-(

  • editoi February 12 [?]

    I'm using Firefox 65 with Greasemonkey on Win 7. That should work right?
    I tested it with Chrome and Tampermonkey and it works so it must be something with Firefox and Greasemonkey.

    Edit: I disabled Greasemonkey and installed Tampermonkey on Firefox and now it works. It also works with Violent Monkey and Firefox. Why doesn't this work with Greasemonkey and Firefox 65? It also worked with Greasemonkey v3 on Firefox 56.

  • editoi February 12 [?]

    duplicate post

  • I see.
    Greasemonkey changed its internal mechanism from Version 4, so some scripts doesn't work unless the script developer is willing to update for v4<.

  • Damn I guess Greasemonkey is not as good anymore. Maybe I will change to Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey. Although people say there are possible privacy concerns with those programs. I'lll figure it out. Thanks for the help and explanation.

  • You're welcome! :-)

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