Great solution ...

About: Google Tools Button Clicker
Great solution for having tools ready ... (and much bette imo than a sidebar restoration)

But a still better solution would be to have + tools ready on ... the initial page (
This way, one would not have to launch a search, then modify it ...

Is it possible to modify your script to achieve this ?
Thanks anyway !

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  • Thank you for your nice idea.

    But it might not be a simple solution.
    Because google doesn't serve tools menu on initial page, so I have to create or rearrange or copy user interface, layout, behaviours for "tools menu on initial page".
    It'll be fragile and easily broken by google's updates.

    If you always need specific filter, adding search buttons such as [search in 1 month] may be a simple solution. But... should be anohter script. ;-)
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