It works, no more ads! THANK YOU!

About: Disable YouTube Video Ads

I am super sensitive to advertising & bullshit in general, so I'm LOVING this script. Worked straight out of the box, have had no issues whatsover.

All of jcunews scripts are amazing!

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  • I'm glad you found my scripts useful to you. Thank you very much for letting me know.

  • Mind if I ask you a basic question? I'm still pretty new to userscripts/CSS/JS and have a hard time finding scripts for my favorite sites.

    Do you know if these is a way to search for scripts based on the page you are visiting? Similar to Stylus extension, where you navigate to a page, like >> Click Stylus Toolbar >> Find Styles. Then it pulls results from the site, I believe.

    I love this feature, and hope there is an equivalent for Tampermonkey!

    Without it, I'm forced to search multiple repositories one at a time:

    Are there any other resources you know of? Any other tools you'd recommend for a beginner like myself?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  • None that I know of, sorry. But there may be a script already made for that purpose, although it might not include GitHub and Reddit because they're not UserScript repository sites. I haven't tried to search for such script.

  • Hi bro I whant script bro
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