addEventListener mouseover is very so many request xhr

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  • Thank you for your contribution.

    So, I uploaded a new version where I:

    • replaced # hrefs with javascript:void(0)
      (to avoid the possibility of taking the user back to the top of the page)

    • changed addEventListener to click instead of mouseover
      (to avoid accidental unneeded xhr requests)

    I didn't use your part that, whenever you re-click a generated magnet link,
    the button icon is colored yellow and the relevant browser history entry (and the current page URL) is replaced with that of the xhr retrieved page URL,
    because I found it more confusing than convenient.

  • just checking

    magnet link color change and add history

    for avoid redownload

    it is for me.

  • Yes, of course. I just wanted to mention that I did notice that part too.

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