Is it working?

About: Tinychat Enhancement Suite (TES)

It was working fine then suddenly doesnt work anymore. Tried everything to restart it, thinking it was me, then i found out others have the same problem.

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  • It's still working. What exactly is broken?

  • I tried to have someone d/l it and they said it wouldnt work which i found strange since mine was working. I went to a different room and the entire script immediately stopped working. Even when i try to reinstall on chrome and turn it on and off, nothing happens. Its like it isnt added at all..

  • Works fine in Tampermonkey on both Chrome and Firefox. Maybe you have something else blocking it somehow?

  • I'll trying turning off everything and see if that help. I'll keep you updated if anything changes. thx

  • Maybe its tampermonkey. Its on and says TES is installed and enabled, but when you click the tampermonkey icon, it says, "no script is running".

  • Update the script. There are new room URLs.

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