Script working too fast for the game?

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editoi September 10   Skriptikeskustelut [?]

So in the last day or two I have noticed that my script hasnt been completing my arena, league or troll fights. When I watch it, what it does is it gets stuck on repeating the fight on an infinite loop. I keeping getting the error message that "The server didnt answer properly". Is this a problem with the cache or something? I have been using the script basically since it was released and I was wondering if there was a way to fix this relatively recent issue. I am on Firefox btw

Thank you in advance Dorten

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  • editoi September 10 [?]

    Same problem for me in battles (Arena, Troll, league..) since I installed 4.240, I'm using firefox and

    A similar or maybe the same error also happened to me a month ago in AutoAdventure so I had to deactivate this option. In AutoAdventure by the way, this error does not happen all the time but sometimes, I can not say when and when not.

    Thank you in advance Dorten and keep creating such good work.

  • This problem only appears in firefox

    Using Chrome, everything seems to work OK.

  • i have same problem with opera and google

  • Yeah I just switched to chrome and everything seems to work there

  • Any estimate to fix on firefox? or some manual fix to add a delay?

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