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About: BOT / Full auto Martingale + Prerolls + Freeroll + Rewards + 1000% Bonus
The script doesn't work for me. After refresh page freeze.... no bets. Nothing...

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  • Hi,

    Sorry to ear that :/
    Work fine for me...

    Try this settings :

    var startValue = '0.00000001', //Best not to adjust this value
    baseBet = '0.00000001', //The amount of satoshi to wager after the prerolls are reached
    stopPercentage = 0.001, //When to stop gambling in %. I wouldn't recommend going past 0.08
    MultiPlierBase = 1.511, //The multiplier to use after losing set to 2 for martingale system
    Odds = 3.00, //The odds to play
    preRolls = 6, //the amount of rolls at minimum amount before starting martingale system
    safetyRun = 6, //adds extra rolls to the preroll setting in the beginning of the session until max bet has been reached once
    safetyOverride = 59, //in minutes before refresh to end safetyrun even if max losses arent reached
    BTCPrice = 9147.84, //Bitcoin price
    Currency = '€', //Currency to display
    ClaimBonus = '0.00006500', //Autoclaim bonus when higher than the set amount(0 to disable)
    LeaveBonus = '0.00001000', //Bonus money to leave in account (above 1000 builds bonus faster)
    HandBrake = '0.00001600', //Stop increasing when this amount is spent
    LotteryOnWin = '0.00000000', //Number of lotterytickets to buy on each win, improves hourly bonus (0 to disable)
    LotterySession = '0.00000001', //Number of lotterytickets to buy every session,improves hourly bonus (0 to disable)
    stopBefore = 58, //In minutes for timer before stopping redirect on webpage
    //!!The values below are binary and can only be set to enabled or disabled in lower case letters!!
    AutoLottery = 'enabled', //When enabled the game will buy the set amount of lottery tickets on events
    AutoBonus = 'enabled', //When enabled the game will automatically claim the money in your bonus account
    AutoFreeroll = 'enabled', //When enabled the game will automatically claim your free hourly satoshi
    AutoRewards = 'enabled'; //When enabled the game will automatically trade your reward points for extra reward points and 1000% free btc

  • editoi August 15 [?]

    safetyOverride = 59
    stopBefore = 58

    the script will work the first minute with 12 prerolls, and the second minute with 6 prerolls
    Stop for 58minutes.
    It's a very good setting for less account (less than 0.00001000 satoshi)

  • Ok i try it out. I play with 0.002 btc and have prerolls on 9 not on 12. Replay later...
  • Now it run. I saw I had the handbrake too high....
  • @Blacklist a dit :
    Now it run. I saw I had the handbrake too high....

    Good news ;)

  • Do u have telegram?
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