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Hello Friends,

I was wondering if someone can create a script that would work on the popular Bandcamp site and that could help us to:

  1. Play tracks by clicking on thumbnail image of an album cover on an artist's 'Discography' page. It is very annoying that you have to open the album page and then play the tracks instead of directly playing them by clicking on the album cover (Example:

On other pages, BC allows us to play the tracks directly by clicking on the album art (Ex: I would like the same functionality to also be on an artist's discography page.

  1. The player can be a standard player with seek-bar, skip to previous / next track, play / pause button & most importantly a volume slider. I believe this has already been implemented as a user-script written by others.

  2. If point 1 is implemented and if a user plays a track directly on the artist's discography page, then include a functionality to mark/flag/check a particular album after it has been played. I believe even this is already been implemented.

  3. Not sure if this is possible but if you are able to bypass the limited number of times a track is played after signing-in to BC.

  4. On the album page, include a small arrow icon (pointing down) against each track which when clicked would download that track. A main 'Download' button also can be included near the album title that would download all the tracks. Additionally, a arrow button can also be included against each album image on the 'Discography' page which can download all tracks of that album. (I am sure that downloading has been implemented earlier).

Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

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  • No one? I thought this was the best site for user scripts? :(

  • It's not really trivial, maybe even impossible. Your best bet is to urge the bandcamp admins/devs to implement it.

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