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editoi August 14   Skriptikeskustelut [?]

I didn't find any information page, and couldn't find the answer so thought I would ask, I might be a bit dumb so be kind.
What does the "Questionable shit", "are you sure?", "you've been warned" do?
What is "buy events"? Is this pachinko related?
What is "settings per tab"

Also auto missions does not work for me for some reason. I get to the missions page and then I get a "The server didn't answer properly. Please try again. (Err HH_1 error)"
Edit: It does however, claim the rewards.

Edit2: Autoquests does not work for me either, it has the same problem as automissions and run in an eternal loop. Autochampions worked for a moment and then got the same issue as above stuck in a loop and error message.

Is it because of the recent patch that things don't work?

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  • editoi August 15 [?]

    "Questionable shit", "are you sure?", "you've been warned" are all here to ensure, you do not turn on "buy events" accidentally, as it will spen your kobans to buy combativity at the end of event if there are still boss girls not rescued. The number you can eneter is how many kobans it will leave (won't buy if it would make your kobans less than this number)

    Settings per tab: script settings can be stored in localStorage (if off) or sessionStorage (if on). So, if on, script settings will reset on browser restart and some other events, otherwise they should persist.

    As for "The server didn't answer properly. Please try again. (Err HH_1 error)", I can't help you, never encountered this myself.

  • editoi August 15 [?]

    Ah alright, good to know.

    Btw how does the autostat number work? I tried putting it on different values but it doesn't buy any stats or maybe I didn't notice. Is it like the kobans thing, add a value that it doesn't go below?

    Either way loving this just for the autosalary, arena and villains.

  • Yes, it's the Yimen value it tries to keep. It also doesn't spend everything in one go, as you can only uncrease stats one by one,m and spamming requests isn't quite working here, so it only buys at most one of each stat evry pare reload

  • Btw I switched over to chrome from firefox and everything now works perfectly.
    Things like autochampions, missions, quests now work for me. No errors.

  • Yes, "HH_1 error" is only Firefox bug. At first I thought it was because of the small timeouts, but increasing them did not help.
    Dorten D, can you test it? I don't like Chromium-based browsers, but forced to use because of this bug.

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