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About: Amazon Video - subtitle downloader

Hello, the script is not working in Firefox 68.0 and the last couple of updates, whether in an Amazon buy/rent video or in Amazon Prime. Using TamperMonkey 4.9.5941. Apparently does not detect the subs. It was a great script. Any chance of an update? Thank you!

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  • Don't have amazon prime anymore, can't confirm, can't fix.

  • It doesn't work with regular amazon videos either, so unless you don't use Amazon at all, you should be able to have a look.

  • Yeah, I don't. If there are any videos with subtitles you can watch completely for free on Amazon - send me a link to some.

    Anyway, thanks to Essam31 I got accounts to test both PrimeVideo and Amazon Prime. Updated script works fine here. Hope it works for you too.

  • Thank you!

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