Script doesn't work at all for me.

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Hi. For some reason, your script just refuses to work, and I can never get it to work. It doesn't change anything when I'm in the page of illustrations, and I'm already logged on. Maybe it's because I'm using Violentmonkey?

Anyway, I took a shot of my browser console, and it's attached here. Hope this helps you, and thanks!

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  • (Why do people leave negative feedback before even giving people a chance to help?)

    It looks like "Violentmonkey" is missing APIs that most user script extensions have. I've added a workaround which should fix it, try updating to version 44.

  • Oh, negative feedback? Oh man, my bad, I didn't mean that. I choose this option because the information beside the check marks said it was for when the "script doesn't work", not for any means of feedback and criticism. This is my first time posting here, you see. If you wish, I can change it to the better and fitting option.

    Anyway, much obliged! It works beautifully. I took some minutes to test with it, and it seems everything works like a charm and there's no bugs. Yeah, looks like your script was simply lacking compatibility with Violentmonkey after all.

    Again, thanks!

  • Would be nice if you could change it, if it's working for you now.

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