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I love to check out my stats and AniScripts enhances that section in many ways.
But one of my gripe is that Aniscripts factors in genres that only have 1-2 completed anime leading to situations like this this.
Here. despite only having a single completed entry in the Horror genre, it automatically becomes my #1 genre since that entry is rated relatively high.
Same issue exists in the Tags section.
I only have two completed entries but Josei is my #1 tag.

I request that you add a weighted score alongside mean score (something like MALgraph has) to allow better representation of favorite genres and tags.

It would also be nice if we could click on the count to see corresponding entries in the staff, VA and studios sections just like we can in Genres/Tags.

Thanks for the wonderful script, and hoping to see these changes added soon.

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  • Chosen solution:

    The initial order of the table will not be the mean score, but instead a 41-weighted average from v5.46

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