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About: Full auto Martingale+Prerolls+Freeroll+Rewards+GUI WORKING 2019
editoi April 18   Skriptikeskustelut [?]

hello. What a script would look like as a bet. I tried to remove rewands and autoroll but didn't want to run ... Thank you

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  • Im working on a version where you can disable them but i had a bug in the latest version so i had to roll back and restart.

  • I look forward to the new version ...
    Will it work on the background of the phone?
    The scripts here on the auto roll don't work for me. It works for 30 seconds after changing the page refresh. not an hour..

    var timeout = setTimeout("location.reload(true);",36300);
    function resetTimeout() {
    timeout = setTimeout("location.reload(true);",36300);
    if ($('#free_play_form_button').is(':visible')) {

  • disable the lottery is a very simple process, just set the lotteryamount to 0.00000000 and it wont buy any lottery tickets. You cant just use the snippets because they are infused with variables from the settings. I woudl advise you to take a look at the settings section in the script itself to find the settings you like for now. Furthermore if your phone accepts tampermonkey i guess it should work fine.

  • I do not understand why you would not want to automatically claim your free bitcoin every hour tho.

  • low budget autogamble script by buylistas works fine tho, full hour if thats what you are after.

  • editoi April 28 [?]

    Rini whenever i pause the game 20+ satoshis dissapear in a blink of an eye. I had to stop because in the beginning i was winning some satoshis but after 30 minutes i started losing so basically im in the red right now :neutral:

  • Is this the latest version? That bug should be fixed now. It should finish the run just as it would when timer is about to run out.

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  • editoi September 16 [?]

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