(Dead) IMDB link Hover at top of the page

One of the things I do as a moderator on a movie fan site is verify IMDB links to movies on the page. Many people can place it almost anywhere and I can spend to much time trying to track it down.

So was wondering if someone could make it so that it can search for one or more and the center it at the top of the page so I can click on it and open it in a new window to verify the information.

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  • editoi May 12 [?]

    I know this is a month late, but I'll just leave this here anyways:

    Why not just use "Find in page" (CTRL+F)?
    I suppose using a script would be even faster of course and such a script would be easy to make, but is it really that much work to use find?

  • The issue is more about time. When you do anywhere from 50-100 pages sometimes it all adds up.

    No worries. I will work with it as is.

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