please help transform this 3 lines js to GM format

Hi, years ago I got this javascript from online help, now everything changed and I want to transform it into tampermonkey format.
This script is to show original image directly, instead of thumbnail. (by simply remove "thumb=1")


And, the source code of an image's context is like:

<a class="attachthumb flexposts__attachments-attachthumb" href="attachment.php?attachmentid=664897&amp;d=1300711572" rel="Lightbox_" id="attachment664897" target="_blank" title="" style="">
<img height="333" width="625" src="attachment.php?attachmentid=664897&amp;stc=1&amp;thumb=1&amp;d=1365683901" border="0" alt="Click to Enlarge
 Name: eurusd_trade2.png
Size: 116 KB" title="" style=""></a>

Don't know if it's easy?
Appreciate any response.

Viestejä yhteensä

  • // ==UserScript==
    // @name         your script name
    // @namespace    anything is ok
    // @version      anything is ok
    // @description  something your script description  
    // @author       your name
    // @include      website that you want to run this script,one per include line,such as bellow line will run this script in this can use * for wildcard.add your own include site and delete this line and bellow line
    // @include
    // @run-at       document-end
    // @notice       as default the script will run at document-end,you can try change up line according to if your script didn't run exactly. if you try all the value and the script still did't work,maybe you should change your script
    // ==/UserScript==
    (function() {
        'use strict';
        // Your code here...
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