Regarding _Krunker.io_

There seems to be a very common issue between scripts concerning, i don't know why this happens but any script that may alter the game (i.e. aimbot, esp, etc.) will cause the entire game to stop working through what i believe is this line of code, if you go and look at the krunker scripts this seems to affect them all. "function gameHooks () {
window.hooks = {
context: null,
canvas: null,
manager: null,
config: null,"
Can anyone figure out why this is added to the krunker scripts? I don't see why the authors would all put something like this in what seems to otherwise be a working script, i cant figure it out and i was wondering if any more experienced script creators have encountered this issue and/or if you know what to do about this problem. Thank you to everyone who helps make progress in fixing this problem. P.S. Will the mods please stop taking down the krunker scripts due to this problem? These authors have put time and effort into their krunker scripts and also seem to not be able to fix this issue.

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