Really needs an option to hide your user agent

It's nice that it shows by default, but it's also kind of a huge privacy leak and should be optional.

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  • editoi July 2018 Chrome

    Every age has its superstitions. However in the context of this forum it's not any more of a privacy leak than your nick name. Those who are concerned with privacy already use browsers/extensions that randomize their user agent string along with other fingerprintable tokens. AFAIK 90-99% of people aren't concerned. They're already successfully tracked by ads or social trackers.

  • But faking it doesn't stop it from showing in previous posts, though. As for other trackers, those are easily blocked and aren't public like the forums here are. This is a really non-standard feature and should at least be user-configurable.

  • You send your user agent to every site you visit, not sure how this would be considered a privacy leak.

    There is a potential for fingerprinting though, so I filed

  • Default Browser

    As for Firefox, you can add one line into about:config
    general.useragent.override -> Mozilla/7.0 (Windows NT 12.3; rv:128.0) Gecko/32222323 Firefox/128.0
    don't know how to do it in Chrome

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