Duration drop-down breakage + No longer needed?

About: Last.fm Interference Inhibitor

Browser: Firefox 50.1.0
Engine: Greasemonkey 3.9
OS: Linux (Arch)

First of all, thanks for this! I had a quick crack at a counter-measure, but gave up when I realised it would require actual effort :-)

Just noticed that it causes the duration drop-downs (e.g. "Last 30 days") on the user's home page [1] to not be displayed and makes them unresponsive on library pages [2]. (Actually, I noticed the latter was broken a while back, but only just figured out it's caused by this.)

Also, disabling the userscript, it looks like last.fm have removed this annoyance (for now at least).

[1] http://www.last.fm/user/<user>/
[2] http://www.last.fm/user/<user>/library/

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