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WebPadOnline! Draw on Websites! Take Notes! Doodle!

Allows drawing on websites when the control key and mouse button are pressed. Includes settings for color, line width, opacity, eraser tool, circle distance, softness, and shadow. Also includes undo, redo, clear all, save color, and clear color history buttons.

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---HOTKEYS:--- Draw: CTRL + Mouse-Down Show/Hide Menu & Easykeys: CTRL + ALT Eraser: Toggle on Eraser (In Menu), then click CTRL + Mouse-Down and draw like normal Undo / Redo: CTRL + Z , CTRL + SHFT + Z (Respectively)

Special Instructions: When the Menu is pulled up, drawing will not interact with webpage at all, meaning it will not accidentally select things or click things.

Meet WebPadOnline! A simple and easy to use virtual drawing/notepad that works on ANY website!!! (Except a couple special cases). Here is what you need to know!

WebPadOnline is a great way to quickly work out a problem online, and is also a great way to pass your time or brainstorm an idea(s)! Say, you have an online PDF with a math problem that you need to jot down a few things to solve fully, but don't want to waste a sheet of paper or take the time to open a dedicated app? WebPadOnline is here to help! You need to brainstorm ideas for an essay? Guess who's here to help!!! WebPadOnline is a great and easy to use online application that takes up little memory usage, and does not interfere with 99.7% of your other activities online. Don't want to install because you're not sure you'll like it? Give it a try! Its free, and very easy to uninstall!

Have fun being more productive!!!! (or are you just doodling????) :)