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Puntuación: Bueno; el script funciona tal y como promete

Publicado: 6/3/2024


Publicado: 6/3/2024

Thanks bro

Publicado: 16/4/2024

Removed Chinese from English translation:

             "sponsored": "sponsored",
             "free_movie": "Free with ads",
             "live": "LIVE",
             "movie_channel": "Movies & TV",
             "free_primetime_movie": "Free Primetime movies",
             "think_video": "What did you think of this video?|What about this recommended content?",
             "try": "trial",
             "recommend_popular": "Trending",
             "featured": "featured",
             "category_live": "Live",
             "category_game": "Gaming",
             "category_news": "News",
             "btn_recommend_movie": "Movie:Recommend",
             "btn_recommend_shorts": "Shorts:Recommend",
             "btn_recommend_liveroom": "Live:Recommend",
             "btn_recommend_popular": "Trending:Recommend",
             "btn_save": "Save",
             "goodselect": "Featured",
             "music_ad_flag": "No ads",
             "upcoming": "UPCOMING",
             "init": "init",
             "ctoc": "Copied to clipboard",
             "running_normally": "running normally",
             "err_msg": "error message",
             "success": "success",
             "failed": "failed",
             "tips": "You can send error message or screenshot to the developer",
             "exists_error": "Error message exists (It is recommended to refresh multiple times to see if it is the same error message)",
             "inject": "inject",
Publicado: 17/4/2024

The Chinese inside is the key words for the advertisement. I haven't found them in use in English yet. When I discover them being used, I will modify them. If you encounter this advertisement or pop-up while using it, you can contact me, take a screenshot for me to see, and I will make modifications. Thank you.

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