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Midjourney Click Todo

¡Haz clic en todos los botones en una fila a la vez cuando estés en Discord con el bot de Midjourney abierto! 😊

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midjourney-click-all 🚀

Hello, lovely people! 👋🎉 Welcome to the repository for the midjourney-click-all userscript. Ever found yourself in the middle of a journey on Discord and wished for a simpler way to engage with the platform? This script has got you covered! It introduces an 'ALL' button that, once clicked, triggers all buttons in a row instantly. A true timesaver, isn't it? 🚀👀

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Now it mainly does translation and summary work, but more features are under development, let's go!

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📖 Notes

This script has just been released! It will become more powerful over time. So go ahead and give it a try! 🤠

📝 Script Description

midjourney-click-all is a userscript tailor-made for enhancing your Midjourney experience on Discord. It adds an 'ALL' button which, when clicked, works its magic to trigger all the buttons in a row simultaneously. Think of it as your handy helper when things get a little too busy! 🗝️🖱️

The script listens for the page to fully load, takes a breather for an extra 10 seconds (to ensure all is set 🐢), and then commences its magic.

📥 Installation

To install this userscript, you'll need a userscript manager. Tampermonkey is an excellent option and is compatible with browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next, and Firefox.

Once you've set up Tampermonkey, or another userscript manager, you can install the midjourney-click-all script by visiting this Greasyfork link.

📚 Usage

Once the userscript is installed, visit any Discord channel with Midjourney bot through your web browser. Look out for an 'ALL' button that has magically made an appearance! 🎩✨ Clicking this button will activate all buttons in that row at once. Now that's what we call efficiency! ⚡

🔖 License

This project is under the MIT License

🎈 Final Thoughts

That's about it, friends! Sincerely hope you find this userscript helpful and that it adds a dash of convenience to your Midjourney. Feel free to create a issue/pr, fork, star the repo, or share it with others. Happy journeying! 👋😄

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