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Autokey helper script - nitro type bot

This script is used for copying the text on to the clipboard. It works in co-operation with the Autokey app. Autokey will then type the text which this script copied. It will do so for each race that you set it to do. Autokey will be found on my site This script is NOT an auto typer by itself. It just copies the text for Autokey to type.

Autokey helper script - nitro type bot ha sido eliminado porque: Denuncia nº 40126 y Denuncia nº 40279.

Apelación enviada por el autor:

I have updated the script so that it follows Greasky Fork's rules. Can you please review it and make it available again?

Thank you.

Un moderador ha revisado tu petición de revisión y la ha dado por buena, desbloqueando el script.

Of course, now everyone is available to understand code! :)