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Saltarse Todos los Enlaces Acortados

Saltarse Automáticamente todos los enlaces acortados, AdFly y omitir anuncios, ir directamente al destino, ahora se agregó descarga automática de archivos

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Publicado: 24/11/2023
Editado: 24/11/2023

After updating to v87.3, the markup of some sites is a little broken. I also get a visible broken cropped iframe on Github on the left side (screenshot). I'm using Chrome.

Publicado: 24/11/2023

Please update to the latest version , Github Excluded , That's my Ads to keep my spirit always on , you can exclude the site from your extension if you think my ads bother you

Publicado: 28/11/2023

yeah its polute to all site, harms for people, ads is okay for me

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