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Google Search Enhancer

Shows up to 200 search results at once on all pages! *Optional= Open (or not) search results on a new tab.

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By default google shows only 19 results on every results page, but with this script you can set the amount of results you want on every single page!
With this script you can automatically load 5 or even 10 search result pages at once, and have all these results displayed as a single page!

This script uses a native google setting that is given to any user. The default google options are to show either 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 100 results on every page.Google says that loading 100 or more results at once will require more loading time, but this isn't true since the results load as fast as always.

This script auto enables that native google setting for you, and allows you to see even more than 100 results on every result page.
You can choose to see up to 200 results on every page with this script, but a number higher than 100 isn't recommended because google might ask you to do their recaptcha to prove you are not a bot (even though this script uses a native google setting, recaptcha may (rarely) show up).

*By default the script shows 100 results on all search result pages, and the script is set to not open search results on new tabs.

To choose the number of search results you want on every page, and if the results should or not be opened on a new tab STRICTLY follow these steps: (Click here)
1 On tampermonkey go to dashboard -> settings -> general section -> config mode and enable advanced mode.
2 Install the script.
3 Open Google
4 Open the tampermonkey dashboard
5 Click on the script name
6 Click on "Storage"
7 Replace 100 with the number of search results you want on every page
8 To open the results on a new tab change the second line number from 0 to 1
9 Click on "Save"!