Greasy Fork is available in English.

Add new entries to PTW/PTR

Any new entries that you add to your list will be added to your Plan To Watch/Read list.

A continuación se muestran las versiones de este script en las que se actualizó el código. Ver todas las versiones.

  • v13 10/8/2023

    Added compatibility with the script "Combined seasonal list - MAL".

  • v12 31/5/2023

    Added support to
    Season pages Pages Pages
    Add stacks or all entries on the current page in a single click

  • v11 23/6/2022

    Added support to interest stacks, manga magazine pages and manga search pages.

  • v10 27/5/2022

    Fixed bug that was making the script not work on entries with symbols in their names.

  • v9 25/5/2022

    Fixed bug that was making the script not work when the entry was opened from the mini search bar.

  • v8 21/5/2022

    Fixed bug that was making the script run on any entry related pages, instead of running only on the entry main page.

  • v7 14/5/2022

    Added support to Genre, Producer and manga magazine pages.

  • v6 28/4/2022

    Version number updated

  • v0.5 22/12/2021

    Fixed script icon.

  • v0.4 19/11/2021

    Improved match rules. Now the script also works when the anime/manga link is opened from the history page.

  • v0.3 7/7/2021

    Increased delay to show that the entry was added to the PTW/PTR list.

  • v0.2 28/5/2021

    Minor changes in the script name and description

  • v0.1 21/5/2021