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Precise Time Converter on Google

See the precise time conversion results on Google when searching for Hours to Days, Minutes to Hours, Minutes to Milliseconds, or X Hours/Minutes From Now.

A continuación se muestran las versiones de este script en las que se actualizó el código. Ver todas las versiones.

  • v21 14/8/2023

    Added support to XX hr. XX min. from now

  • v20 14/6/2023

    Fixed bug that was making the script not work

  • v19 28/4/2022

    Version number updated

  • v1.0.8 26/12/2021

    Added support to this pattern Num hr. Num min from now.

  • v1.0.7 22/12/2021

    Fixed script icon.

  • v1.0.6 20/11/2021

    Fixed script icon.

  • v1.0.5 14/7/2021

    Now you can also search for "Number hours and Number minutes from now", or "Number hrs and Number mins from now"

  • v1.0.4 5/4/2021

    Now the script should also work when google is in some other languages.

  • v1.0.3 30/3/2021

    Added support to convert "minutes from now".

  • v1.0.2 19/3/2021

    Description fixed

  • v1.0.1 19/3/2021

    Added missing comma on the script description.

  • v1.0.0 9/3/2021

    Now you can also search on google for:
    hour from now
    hr from now
    hrs from now

    And the script will show the result

  • v0.9 5/3/2021 Fixed bug that was showing an error message on the browser console on google.If the search box contains the text "from now" the script will auto calculate and show the correct date and time "from now".
  • v0.8 16/1/2021 Updated to fix broken Script Google Icon.
  • v0.7 14/1/2021 Updated to fix broken Script Google Icon.
  • v0.6 1/1/2021 Added Icon.
  • v0.5 28/12/2020 Now the script won't run on iframes
  • v0.4 2/12/2020 Updated to fix bugs. Add feature to correctly calculate and display the conversion results when searching for Minutes to Milliseconds.
  • v0.3 21/11/2020 Fixed bug that was miscounting seconds to minutes.Now the script won't run when searching for this.
  • v0.2 4/11/2020 Fixed bugs
  • v0.1 4/11/2020