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Enlazar los cambios de OpenStreetMap con achavi / Abrir en achavi

Convierte cada página con cambios («changeset») en un enlace que se puede abrir con este práctico inspector/comparador de versiones para OSM.

Aquí están todas las versiones de este script. Mostrar únicamente las versiones en las que hubo cambios de código.

  • v2021.11.11.1 12/11/2021

    Make it also work in the page.

  • v2021.11.11 12/11/2021

    Make it work again after their flex-style layout changes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • v2020.04.06 5/4/2020 More explanations.
  • v2020.04.06 5/4/2020 Explain things a bit more.
  • v2020.04.06 5/4/2020 Simplify the code a bit more, still works fine.
  • v2020.04.05 5/4/2020 Make it work when going from history > changeset > history without reloading. Add some SVG icon. Minor tweaks.
  • v2020.04.05 5/4/2020 Now it actually works again, trim it down and bring code duplication down a lot. Much more elegant.
  • v2020.04.05 5/4/2020 Trying to refactor the thing a bit. Small steps.
  • v2020.04.05 5/4/2020 Final tweaks, improve formatting a bit to make it easier to read.
  • v2020.04.05 5/4/2020 More CSS improvements, now some of those rules almost work and everything. Use a custom attribute to detect the <a> elements we add.
  • v2020.04.05 5/4/2020 Add support for linkifying the changeset page. More improvements, use a dummy node as fallback and inject custom CSS for kicks while keeping things simple.
  • v2020.04.05 5/4/2020 Clean things up a bit. Tidier.
  • v1.0 5/4/2020