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Instagram Keyboard Shortcuts for Power User

Scroll through posts with standard J/K keyboard shortcuts. L to like, O to save, M to play/stop. Why J/K navigation? Because it's also used in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Gmail, etc.

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Puntuación: Bueno; el script funciona tal y como promete

Publicado: 6/9/2022

This is super awesome! Love the "A" option toggle. Would be great to have something to mute/unmute and somehow prevent videos from playing unless they are the current video focused (I have a big monitor and when I am reading the current post, the next video is playing already sometimes 2 posts down).

Publicado: 7/9/2022

Thought of a way to have this work: maybe have the video's sound unmute only when it is the current video!

Also would be great to have a different button to skip to next post even if the A toggle is enabled.

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