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YouTube™ MP3 Downloader v4.2 (Relaunched) 🚀💯 - (NO ADS & NEW LAYOUT FOR YT! 🚫🤩)

This script adds a download button, a faster way to download audio from YouTube and with guaranteed quality. This site is very simple, fast and effective to download! Best of all!

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Puntuación: Pasable; el script funciona, pero tiene carencias importantes

Publicado: 19/5/2022

Very easy to use, thanks, but I can't download it in the near future. Please repair it as soon as possible非常好用,感谢,但是近期下载不了了,请尽快修复吧

Publicado: 20/5/2022

Development of scripts YouTube™ Multi Downloader and YouTube™ MP3 Downloader is discontinued. To run the script, you need to use the YouTube Redux extension:

Publicado: 19/11/2022

really interesting post! As someone responsible for advertising in the Data Crafts company, it was interesting to read

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