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(Deprecated) Instagram Source Opener

Open the original source of an IG post, story or profile picture

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Puntuación: Malo; el script no funciona

Publicado: 8/9/2022

Not able to view source of anything (not using Session ID) including stories (get a null error).

Publicado: 8/9/2022

Also tried using Session ID method and still get null error.

Publicado: 21/9/2022

Hey, thanks for reporting.

Please update to the latest version, and follow these steps:

1. Open a new instagram page;
2. Use the script's features that are not working;
3. Go to the script settings (top right icon on the instagram page);
4. Expand the "Developer options";
5. Click on the "Copy debugging logs";
6. Paste them here (or create a pastebin because it may be long);


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