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(Deprecated) Instagram Source Opener

Open the original source of an IG post, story or profile picture

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⚠️ No longer maintained

Adds a button to open the original source of an IG story, post or profile picture. No jQuery.


  • View the original source of a Posts, Story, and Profile picture(1)
    • Even on private and not followed pages (requires login)
    • (1) Profile picture viewing is now achieved using the script's developer options, see more below on the settings section
  • Anonymous stories - Ability to view user stories without them knowing
  • Saving a post directly from the context menu (right-click)
    • Note: This is just convenience and it doesn't save the full size version
  • Posts show the full timestamp instead of a relative and more generic time
  • Ability to customise your experience (key bindings, default actions, etc. See more settings below)

Key bindings


  • Alt/⌥ + O - Opening single posts (pop-up) and stories
  • Alt/⌥ + P - Opening the profile picture on a profile page

These key bindings can be changed on the script's settings, see more below


  • Changing the key bindings - These always use the Alt/⌥ key in combination with a letter, this option allows you to change the default letter.
  • Open source button behavior - Redirect or open in a new tab with or without focus.
  • Developer options
    • Options available on the script's settings menu (see images below). These are more developer-oriented, but by following the provided instructions, anyone can use them.
    • Session ID:
      • The session id determines your current login and it's used to get full size profile pictures using the instagram API. Without this, you will get low-res profile pictures. See how to get your session id on the images below and the News/Difficulties section for more a detailed explanation.


  • Chrome: Tampermonkey, Violentmonkey & MeddleMonkey
  • Firefox: Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey & Violentmonkey
  • Opera: Tampermonkey & Violentmonkey (Chrome extension support)
  • Edge (Chromium-based version): Tampermonkey & Violentmonkey
  • Vivaldi: Uses the chrome web store, so same as chrome

Note: I cannot guarantee compatibility with third-party Instagram viewers/extensions (common on Opera), only with the actual website.


  • Pop-ups might be blocked on the first time opening any picture, you need to allow it (on the address bar)
  • Multiple pop-ups to allow Cross-Origin Requests might appear on the first time, accept those as well.

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Open source button locations:

open source button locations

Tampermonkey settings menu:

tampermonkey settings menu

On-page settings menu:

on-page settings menu

Getting the sessionid on chrome & opera:

getting sessionid chrome & opera

Getting the sessionid on firefox:

getting sessionid firefox