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Video Speed Buttons

Add speed buttons to any HTML5 <video> element. Comes with a loader for YouTube and Vimeo

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Publicado: 26/3/2024

I encountered some sites where the player would reset the speed automatically about one second after setting a new speed using this script:
while it doesn't perfectly, i added this code to ensure persistence, in the ev_keyboard function, just before the return part.:

---- start of existing code
setPlaybackRate(video_el, DEFAULT_SPEED);
anchor.insertBefore(container, anchor.firstChild);
document.body.addEventListener("keydown", ev_keyboard);
---- end of existing code
---- new code
setInterval(() => {
if(video_el && video_el.playbackRate !== buttons.selected.speed) {
video_el.playbackRate = buttons.selected.speed;
}, 250);
---- end of new code
(return code below)

Dunno if anyone can improve on that, but probably you can. thanks

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