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HTML5 notifications on Spotify Web Player

Adds silent song notifications with title, artist and cover art

Aquí están todas las versiones de este script. Mostrar únicamente las versiones en las que hubo cambios de código.

  • v2016.06.08 8/6/2016 Delay the notifications 5.5 secs, skip it if the song changes in that period.
  • v2015.11.14.05 17/12/2015 I'm pretty silly.
  • v2015.12.17 17/12/2015 Imported from URL
  • v2015.11.14.05 14/11/2015 It's all about the whitespace.
  • v2015.11.14.03 14/11/2015
  • v2015.11.14.03 14/11/2015 Make it pretty, clean and nice to look at. Looks good to me.
  • v2015.11.14.02 14/11/2015 Avoid repeatedly showing the same notification for the same song, again and again. Now we notify without repeating, much more pleasing.
  • v2015.11.14.01 14/11/2015 Refined and polished, show notifications when content is actually playing, add a slight delay of 1.5s
  • v2015.11.14 14/11/2015