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Watch videos from video sharing websites without Flash Player.

Tobias Rupf
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Watch and download videos without Adobe flash from Youtube, VEVO, VIMEO and other video websites. You can use the HTML5 player or your video plugin. This script also unblocks VEVO videos for German users (GEMA notice).

Improved version from Sebaro's ViewTube.

With this script you can watch videos with the HTML5 player or your preferred video plugin (vlc, gecko-mediaplayer, totem, xine, Windows Mediaplayer, Quicktime...). Additionally VEVO videos on Youtube, which are blocked in Germany by Youtube will be integrated directly from VEVO if possible (youtube unblocker, wait a few seconds, if you see the GEMA notice).

Main supported sites: youtube, VIMEO, VEVO, dailymotion, metacafe,,, owncloud (on different servers if /owncloud/ is in path) and some other.

Notice if you use a video plugin such as vlc:

NPAPI based plugins are blocked by default in firefox starting from version 31. You have to enable it by site. But on some pages the link for enabling the plugin may not be visible after you clicked "Play". Best way to solve this issue is to enter full screen mode (click on the "+" symbol) before starting playback.

Added features (compared to Sebaro's version):

* VEVO support
* faster loading of related videos on youtube
* unblock VEVO content on Youtube Germany (GEMA notice) without using a proxy but by replacing the video link with a direct link to the original on VEVO.
This way you will not suffer from bandwith problems as with free proxy servers. A minor number of videos is also blocked by VEVO and will not work.
* better navigation support on youtube, IMDb and VIMEO (closer to original)
* HTTP Live Stream support for HTML5 player (but no DASH)
* support for owncloud (tested v7.0, you may need to adapt the match pattern to your server...)

Let me know if it doesn't work with your browser + GM compatible extension