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LibraryThing which of my books tagged

On any site-wide tag page, shows which one's own books have been tagged that way (without having to page through)

Max Starkenburg
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This script adds a link to any LibraryThing tag page that pops up a box showing any of your works that other users have applied that tag to, in the same way that the tag mirror page pops up a box with your works as others have popularly tagged them. The difference is that you can now see such information for any tag in the system, not just the ones that show up on your tag mirror or that you've tagged as such.

When I got a smartphone, I wanted to know which of my cataloged books were in the public domain, so that I could download them for free onto my phone. So with this script, I went to the LibraryThing's public domain tag page, clicked on the new link reading "My books globally tagged public domain" (you must be logged in for it to appear), and it showed me all of my works that other users have tagged as "public domain".

As always, let me know if you run into any problems with it. I'm omargosh on LT.