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About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

I use lot Google for search and this script help a lot to remove "fake results". :)

A new kind of fake results begin to appear more and more since a few weeks, spammer use fusiontables to spam results with junk links.

I really like to have an option like a toggle button to remove those spammy fake results.

The fake results are always with this pattern URL*

It will save lot of time when we search.

Thanks for your script ! :)

Best Regards


  • editado June 2016 Firefox
    The script currently only looks at the host name and not the rest of the URL. It would really be a significant rewrite to add that.

    Perhaps it would help to use another of my scripts, Google site: Tool to exclude fusiontables URLs from a query when you run across them. The attached screenshot illustrates its operation: click the green "cite" line, then select the most specific URL, then click the minus button. The script updates the query and reloads the page.

  • Thanks I will try it ! :)

  • Funny you should mention Google Site:. I got pretty obsessed with that script for a while, until I found this one. Google often kicked me off because my query was so complex and I kept tweaking it. :smile:

    Google is really getting rediculous with these spam hits. If it weren't for you, Jefferson, we'd have no decent search engine left to turn to.

    Thanks a bunch!
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