Small cosmetic bug

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)


Since a few days a cosmetic bug appeared: The "block button" appear over the titles of the search results randomly.

Here's the URL of this search results:

Regards !


  • There is a problem with line 481 of the script:
    if (linkwidth > 509) linkwidth = 509; // fix rare weirdness 2/4/2013
    That now causes the button position to be computed too far to the left. Whatever the old weirdness was no longer seems applicable. I'll probably just remove this line in the next update.

    As a short term fix you could comment out that line by adding // at the beginning. Possibly that will block script updates, but if you need immediate relief, that seems to be the fix (based on a minimum amount of testing).
  • Done and I will put a bot to watch the next update in meantime !

    Thanks ! :)

  • Hopefully version 1.7.6 will fix this for you.
  • It's fine :)

    Thanks for the fix !

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