What code changes needed to stop Block Button sometimes displaying over addon buttons or randomly

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)
Hi, I have been using this wonderful script for a long time but now have an issue and as I am not a script writer my novice attempts to edit the script code have ALL failed.

I am having issues with the location of the "Block" button. as it sometimes wants the same location that a couple of my other Add-on buttons use . (if I use only one of the two add ons, the issue is less but STILL there). Sometimes with long Google search Entry Titles the Block button displays OVER the right most text (other times it wraps to next line which is OK)

I need to force the Block Button to move to the right of WOT Services' "WOT" Add-on Button and Avast Software's "Avast Online Security" Add-on button.

Without GHH by D those two button seem to co-exist well with BOTH appearing to right of Search Entry Title Text (WOT button first with Avast button to its right -no gap between them)
but with GHH by D running those two add-ons STILL place themselves AS STATED ABOVE, BUT the GHH by D button appears left or right of them or under the Title entry (if a long entry title) or sometimes its right of WOT button and DIRECTLY ON TOP of the right end of the Entry Title text.

I would like to make code adjustments to move GHH by D to right of the two WOT and AOS buttons ) either by checking if one both or none of them are there for the entry and auto distancing to right
OR maybe easier place the GHH by D "Block" button in the same fixed horizontal position for every entry far enough fomr Google search Margin gto allow room for Long entry Title s and maybe the WOT and AOS button only wrapping the "Block" Button to next line if Entry Title too long to do this (as it often currently does for long entry titles.

Unfortunately as I novice I can follow changes but have not been able to work out what changes are needed.
Please would you or someone be willing to advise me of the necessary code tweaks.

I hope I have described my issue adequately (if not I apologize)

Many Thanks


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    Hi scooby1, I installed WOT and the problem with that one is it expands the result title beyond the original boundary. The block button position is computed for the original column width.

    I think the quickest workaround for now is to move the block buttons to the cite line. I'm attaching a screen shot showing what that looks like.

    See also: https://www.jeffersonscher.com/gm/google-hit-hider/more-options.php

    For some reason I can't upload the image here, I'll have to link to it somewhere.
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    Hi Jefferson :), Thank you for your reply, time and suggested solution which I think is ideal in solving my issue completely (rather more than a workaround IMHO :) unless you can see a potential downside which I cannot at this time).

    I admit I never noticed that option, and It never occurred to me there was such an option already.

    I am guilty of having read your online manual in the past, and forgetting THAT option existed as I did not need it until recently.

    Many thanks again
  • Hi scooby1, no worries on not knowing all the little options. I sometimes forget them myself. I do need to figure out how to detect when add-on buttons appear in the row, but I'm not sure when I'll have time.
  • Hopefully version 1.7.6 will fix this for you. I tested it with WOT but not with Avast.
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