Not working with domains that have a new dropdown

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

Looks like Google is rolling out some new dropdowns, the one in the attached file is Firefox specific and doesn't show up on Chrome (duh).


  • Thanks for reporting this. There are two issues with that particular example:

    (1) The "top" result has a slightly different underlying HTML structure which GHHbD ignores, so I will fix that in version 1.7.1.

    (2) When the "top" result is located on the same server as the search engine itself, the script is designed not to allow you to block it. In the case of Google, this was broadened not to block any subdomain (e.g., www, news, maps) but I will modify the script to treat Google the same as other search engines in version 1.7.1 (only results on the identical server will be exempt from having a block button).
  • Hmm, I noticed some glitches in the In The News section now. Not sure if that is a result of the update or another Google change...
  • I thought you may have disabled blocking domains which is why I also checked the same thing on Chrome where the dropdown doesn't show up and the block button shows up normally. So either isn't blocked or blocking doesn't work properly.

  • But if you update to version 1.7.1, is it working for you now? If not, could you post the URL of your results page.
  • It's working fine in the new version.
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