incompatible with bitdefender

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)
This script is incompatible with Bitdefender (BD2016, Chromium), but my principal problem is why I can'y manually add the domains I want ? It could be so easy if I could copy paste new domains. But I actually can't do anything with the import/export tool, not friendly user function.


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    You should be able to copy/paste into separate lines in Import. If the dialog seems incomplete, try zooming out (Ctrl- a couple times) in case the problem is that my code sizes it wrong for your resolution. You should see the Parse button at the bottom:

    I don't use Bitdefender or Chromium myself. Can you describe the problem in a little more details about what the incompatibility is? For example, does the script conflict with an icon/button inserted by BD or vice versa?
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