• I wasn't able to develop a quick fix for this. I will need to revamp the code in the next version.
  • Version 1.6.9 partially fixes image blocking. Deleting perma-ban results caused Google to stop auto-loading after the first 100-200 images (normally you can get up to 400). So the default behavior now is to show an inactive gray shape in place of those images.

    If you find those distracting, this script now has the ability to shuffle them to the end, but unfortunately when Google's script drops in new images, they display only as gray boxes. To force retrieval and painting of those new images, you can do any of these:

    * Show or hide the Find bar (Ctrl+f, or if it's focused, Esc to close it)
    * Resize the window
    * Zoom in then zoom out
    * Open or close any developer tool in the lower part of the tab

    Since none of those is convenient, I turned this feature off by default. In order to use shuffling, you need to make a manual modification to the code. On line 525, change

    var imgshuffle = false;


    var imgshuffle = true;

    and then save the change.

    The change takes effect the next time you reload the image result page.
  • How does one block an image? I don't see a block option.
  • How does one block an image? I don't see a block option.

    Excellent point! At the moment, only sites blocked on regular pages are blocked on image results.

    I plan to add one or two block buttons next to the Visit Page and View Image buttons in version 1.7.0. (Possibly two in case you want to independently block the referring site and the image hosting site.)

    Hopefully this weekend.
  • Version 1.6.9 partially fixes image blocking...the default behavior now is to show an inactive gray shape in place of those images.

    J.S., you rule!

    I just now see the new changes in action, and it's a beautiful thing. Finally, those nonsense sites I blocked on the main search page are blocked/shaded in G-Images. Bravo!

    Thanx again for all your fabulous contributions!

  • Version 1.7.0 adds a block/unblock button on the wide black image results panel (the GHHbD button). For this release, the button shows the block dialog even if you normally use 1-click blocking.
  • Thanks for the script. It'll be nice not to accidentally go to w3schools results anymore, hehe. I'm not seeing the block buttons on Google Image results, though. I'm not sure if it's something about my Google configuration or whether they've changed their selectors (I turned off other scripts to make sure there wasn't interference). I tried to do some debugging in the checkNode function (at least by looking at the 1.7.0 diff, I think that's where the buttons are put in? ... and I think they should show up next to the "View Image" button?), but I didn't get very far. Is Google Images it still working for you as normal? Thanks.
  • Hi Max, Google changed a class name when I wasn't looking. Thank you for reporting that. Could you try version 1.7.3?
  • Yes, I see the GHHdB button now. Thanks!
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