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About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)
When I click on block or permablock sometimes it happens right away. Sometimes nothing happens. I have to refresh the page before seeing the changes. I have not yet figured out the pattern for when it works, and when it is delayed.

Not a big problem, but I thought you would want to know.

I am using Mac OS X, and Google Chrome, and am searching Google.com



  • Thank you for the report. When this occurs, what occurs after you click the button in the small block dialog: dialog closes or stays open, block button remains or disappears, etc.

    Any pattern you notice would be useful.

    Do you use the default setting of instant prediction results (10 per page), or do you disable instant prediction and have Google server a larger number of results per page? Do you use any other add-ons or scripts that affect the page layout (e.g., GoogleMonkeyR, Autopagerize extension)?
  • I don't use any other plugins. Now it is working just fine. It is like going to the doctor. The cough goes away while he is watching. I will post again, when I observe the problem again. The pattern was not at all clear to me.

    I did close the browser earlier.

    One more comment. It might be easier if you used the words domain and subdomain, rather than domain and site.


  • Okay, it happened again. Hit block, the form pops up. Hit block, and the form goes away but the google search result is still fully there. Reload, and it goes to a single greyed out line.

    11 search results visible on the page. No special configuration of google search was done.
  • When it starts it works. But then once is stops greying out blocked sites, it continues to not work.
  • I'll have to test with Chrome and see whether I can replicate the error. You mentioned 11 search results visible. How did you get 11? Was that out of 20, i.e., instant prediction off and viewing 20 results per page?

    It might be easier if you used the words domain and subdomain, rather than domain and site.

    I typically use domain to refer to base domains AND host names with subdomains. Where do you see "site" that you think should be either domain or subdomain?
  • I was not able to replicate this problem on Chrome on Windows using default preferences for Google, not logged into my Google account.
  • Thanks for trying. I was using google hit hider not much the last few days. We will see how much i use it the next week.
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