How to block top-level domain

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)
How to implement this feature in script?
I try to import next variants:
But without success...


  • Currently, there is no way to block an entire generic TLD such as .com or .sucks. The script performs comparisons of the domain in the search result by progressively removing subdomains and comparing each for an exact match on your block list:

    and then stops. A pure TLD is never checked against the block list. Or should I say, if there is no dot left in the domain, the script stops comparing (see line 350).

    This probably could be changed, but in a few experiments this morning, I got infinite loops that froze the browser, so it's something I would need to test carefully.

    (Currently, if you want .com on the block list, you can import and then use the un-www button. But for the above reason, it won't do anything. Adding a TLD block would require a usable interface, too.)
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