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About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)
I can't import into GHH because the buttons are off the screen. The "Import Block List" "window" cannot be dragged or resized, and the buttons on the bottom of the screen are too far down to be seen or clicked on.

This happens in both a maximized browser window and a non-maximized (movable) browser window.

It also happens in both the 1.6.0 version and the new 1.6.6 version.

This is happening in a VirtualBox VM running Win7.


  • Hi Tom, as a temporary workaround, can you try either or both of the following:

    (1) zoom out on the page (hold Ctrl and press - a few times)

    (2) shorten the dialog as follows:

    Open the web console in the tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+k (Mac: command+alt+k)

    Paste the following long line of script in the blank line at the bottom next to the caret (>>) and press Enter to run it:

    document.getElementById("ghhtaleft").style.height="150px"; document.getElementById("ghhtaright").style.height="150px"; document.getElementById("ghhtbldiv").style.height="149px";

    Then you can close the web console
  • Option 1 worked.

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