[feature request] Is it possible-- a list of 'Blocked sites on current page' ?

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

Hello, and thanx for this fab script, it's one of my top favorites!

I'm wondering, would it be possible to have a sliding/hovering/ or pop-out window that shows which sites are being blocked, per page load, similar to Adblock Plus's 'Blockable items on current page' ?


  • Thanks, yes, I was thinking of adding something like that one day. Where would be a good place to display it? I don't use Adblock Plus, so if you like how they show it, please link me to a screen shot.
  • Hi! My link above is to a screenshot on how ABP puts their blocked window, by default. It can be detached (see 'Detach' in the upper-right), and then it becomes a standalone window.

    I think it would be ok to put GHHbD's blocked list within the 'Manage Hiding' tab--i.e. another tab, together with Home, Block, etc.
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