[FIXED] 'Manage Hiding' button missing with Firefox 51.0.1 - but *is* working w/ Fx-52.9.0ESR

About: Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

Hi JS! I'm doing some testing, trying to create a portable Firefox build using the pre-WebExtensions versions. So this isn't really a fix request, as this refers to older versions of GM & Firefox.

Still... if you can fix it, bravo!

So, as was reported before, 'Manage Hiding' is not showing up. To give more details than was provided before:

Firefox 51.0.1 (portable) - I'm using this because it's the last full FF version before the code was infected by WebExtensions. {sorry, a little bias there.}
GM 3.11 - using it for the same reason.
GHHbD 1.99 - using this because it includes the wonderful TLD blocking, and the correction for partial domains, so I wanted to get these latest&greatest features.

This is a fairly clean profile, with no other userscripts--just GHHbD, perhaps 2-3 addons, and no customized FF preferences (i.e. user.js).

With this combo, 'Manage Hiding' button is not appearing in any Gsearch results, including the sample you gave in the other report -- but it does show as checked & active in the Greasemonkey icon dropdown.

FYI-- I also use combo FF 52.9.0ESR (portable)/ GM 3.11 / GHHbD 1.99 which is working perfectly, so this is (definitely?) an issue with Firefox.
(side-note: combo FF 45.9.0ESR (portable)/ GM 3.11 / GHHbD 1.99 does NOT work; using GHHbD 1.82 does.)

Here's the info I get from Browser Console:
missing ; before statement Google_Hit_Hider_by_Domain_(Search_Filter_Block_Sites).user.js:801:6
which also points to the async function updtpref(e){ line

If there's other testing I can help with, let me know.


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